The American Semifinals Cheat Sheet: Barrel Racing Performance 1

The first performance of The American Semifinals kicks off on March 1 at 7:00 p.m. cst and will take place at Cowtown Coliseum in Fort Worth, Texas. Find out the horses and riders who will be competing.
Emmitt and Kassie Mowry at the 2022 Royal Crown Buckeye

The field of 294 qualifiers has been narrowed down to just 34 barrel racers and horses. Of those 34, 30 competitors qualified by placing in the top 30 in the slack competition on Friday, February 25, and 4 qualified through a last-chance Buyback round on Saturday, February 26.  

Here’s what you need to know about who will be competing for a coveted spot in the contender round this Friday, March 4 in the first performance.  

* Denotes buyback round qualifier 

#1. Kassie Mowry  

Qualifying Time: 13.669 

Hometown: Dublin, Texas 

Horse: Epic Guy 

#2. Cayla Small  

Qualifying Time: 13.612 

Hometown: Wilson, Oklahoma 

Horse: Slick N Black 

#3. Tasha Welsh 

Qualifying Time: 13.569 

Hometown: Dublin, Texas 

Horse: Seis Smashin Fame 

#4. Kylie Weast  

Qualifying Time: 13.779 

Hometown: Addington, Oklahoma 

Horse: Hell On The Red 

#5. Lisa Thornton 

Qualifying Time: 13.862 

Hometown: Plum, Texas 

Horse: Straight Toasted 

#6. *Troy Crumrine 

Qualifying Time: 13.564 

Hometown: Waynesfield, Ohio 

Horse: SR Industry Titan 

#7. Laura Mote 

Qualifying Time: 13.709 

Hometown: Llano, Texas 

Horse: Reb Hot Redbull 

#8. London Gorham 

Qualifying Time: 13.590 

Hometown: Cotulla, Texas 

Horse: Cashin Chicks 

#9. Sarah Rose Waguespack  

Qualifying Time: 13.693 

Hometown: Gonzales, Louisiana 

Horse: Roses Roan Ranger 

#10. *Elizabeth Broussard Schmidt 

Qualifying Time: 13.506 

Hometown: Estherwood, Louisiana 

Horse: Bogies French Trick 

#11. Charlie Johnson 

Qualifying Time: 13.728 

Hometown: Bastrop, Texas 

Horse: Phoenixonthecimarron 

#12. Taylor Hanson 

Qualifying Time: 13.613 

Hometown: Saint Onge, South Dakota 

Horse: French Kiss To Vegas