Creacy’s 3 Keys to Building a Confident Barrel Horse Yield BFA Derby Title

Schelli Creacy and Blazin Superior Win the 2021 Barrel Futurities of America Derby Championship
Schelli Creacy and Blazin Superior Win the 2021 Barrel Futurities of America Derby Championship.

Schelli Creacy made headlines by capturing the Derby championship at the 36th Annual Barrel Futurities of America World Championships, held Nov. 12-20 at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Okla., aboard Blazin Superior. “Super,” as he is affectionately known, is a son of Blazin Jetolena and out of Little Bit Superior, by the great Dash Ta Fame. The 2016 sorrel gelding stayed consistent throughout the week and wowed spectators, both in person and the live webcast, with his balanced turns and effortless stride.

Creacy finished outside the money in round one, which belonged to Kyle Leleux riding Dollys StreakNBadger (A Streak Of Fling x TR Dashing Badger x Mr Illuminator), now owned by Nickelbar Ranch, with a 15.476 worth $1,878. Creacy placed fifth in round two with a time of 15.449 to earn $1,341 for a total on two of 30.900, which scored her the average title and $7,711. Blaise Bercegeay rode SBW Copy Cat (Blazin Jetolena x SX Dr Peacharita x Dr Nick Bar) to the top of the field in round two with a 15.256 to earn $1,878.

To understand Super’s story, Creacy gave Barrel Racing Magazine insight into the training program that built him.

  • Patience

Many great derby horses have typically had early career starts as futurity horses, but Super originally came to Creacy’s husband, Adrian Mortimer, as an unbroken 3-year-old. The snorty, broncy colt hardly seemed like the obvious choice to make a successful futurity horse, but Mortimer saw something in him.

“As soon as they unloaded him off the trailer, my husband shot me one of those looks,” Creacy said. Mortimer pushed until Creacy made an offer on the gelding, and the rest is history. Creacy says the gelding wasn’t a futurity standout. He clocked about a second off the pace but showed promising signs.

“He’s decided to run harder, and that’s all the difference is between now and a year ago,” Creacy said. “That’s all it is, because I was patient.”  

Each horse that makes its way through Creacy’s hands is given extra time and attention to ensure that it has an opportunity to reach its full potential.

“The best edge that you can give yourself is to live with that horse and to really get to know everything about them. I may be a weirdo, but I believe if we’re going to breed and raise these types of horses, why wouldn’t we want to know what makes them tick,” Creacy said.

  • Consistency 

“You don’t have to have the fastest horse there, you just have to have the most consistent horse,” Creacy said.

Consistency can easily get overlooked at an event because trainers are pulled in many different directions, splitting their time between multiple horses and classes. At events, Creacy makes sure to get her horses out of the stall multiple times a day and allow them to walk, graze, and relax as much as possible.

“They’re not racecars, they have to be horses. You have to be their person and make sure that they are happy so that they can do their job,” Creacy explained. 

  • Trust

The pure love of horses may be what attracted many barrel racers to the sport, but the focus on that connection can sometimes be lost when horse and rider are under pressure at competitions. Creacy works hard to make sure she maintains a strong bond with Super.

“I’m a big believer that the personal touch goes a long way, especially when you’re dealing with horses,” Creacy said. “They need to know that they can count on you, just like you count on them.”

Creacy takes advantage of time on the road to create a comforting environment for her barrel horses. Amidst the flurry of activity at events, one can find Creacy quietly spending time with her two young horses, cell phone firmly tucked away in her bag, being present in the precious moments she spends with her equine counterparts. Being that the nature of the futurity industry revolves around encouraging young, unseasoned horses to succeed, that connection becomes even more necessary to have success.  


All of these things lead to the main goal of Creacy’s program—creating a confident horse.

“Horses that are talented on a different level tend to have big egos. If you learn to channel that ego and go along with it, you can do some really cool things,” Creacy said.

Super is known for having a big personality. “He thinks he’s in a gameshow,” she laughed, “he just thinks life is fun.”

Super’s confidence shines through when he runs barrels. He has captured not only the BFA Championship in 2021, but also earned wins at his previous two derbies, the Ardmore Derby and Pink Buckle Derby.

Super is the epitome of what happens when a conscientious training plan meets a truly special athlete. Creacy is quick to praise the gelding in conversation and on social media.

“Some horses really have to try, but Super’s anointed to run barrels. It’s not hard for him,” she explained. In addition to his derby championships, Super clinched a qualifying spot to The American semi-finals in February. His career is far from over, and the solid foundation that is in place will likely make this team one to watch in 2022.