Ryann Pedone Flies from Pink Buckle to Progressive Round Win at 2023 WCRA Rodeo Carolina

Ryann Pedone and HP Feel The Fame topped the first progressive round of WCRA Rodeo Carolina.
Ryann Pedone rounds a turn on HP Feel the fame at rodeo carolina
Ryann Pedone and HP Feel the Fame have secured their WCRA Rodeo Carolina Triple Crown of Rodeo Round spot. Photo courtesy WCRA by Bull Stock Media

Ryann Pedone won the first progressive go round of WCRA Rodeo Carolina Friday, Oct. 6, 2023, on HP Feel the Fame just hours after stepping off a plane from Oklahoma, where she competed in the Pink Buckle earlier in the day.

With a time of 16.722 seconds, Pedone won $1,500 and a fast pass to the Triple Crown of Rodeo round on Sunday, Oct. 8.

“HP Feel The Fame missed her first barrel completely, but snapped back and smoked her second and third,” Pedone said. “I was first out, so I didn’t know what time was good. I am super proud of her.”

The entire adventure was spurred on by the WCRA’s year-end Reliance Ranches VRQ bonus, which pays $25,000 to the top athlete in each event. Pedone is leading the standings by a large margin, but needed one more piece of the puzzle.

“The WCRA called me and said I was leading the VRQ points but, to win, I needed to come to an event,” Pedone explained. “And all their majors are on top of futurities. This was the only event that could possibly work, so I flew in from Guthrie. I got to Charlotte at 5:30 p.m. and Uber-ed here. The second go of the Pink Buckle futurity was today in Guthrie, so I had to fly.”

To manage the logistics of competing at locations 1,000 miles apart in the same day, Pedone required quality help.

“My friend Jessica Morris and her mom drove two horses out for me,” she explained. “She scoped out the facility and worked my horses. I had to have someone I trusted help me, and I had Riley Chown and Alex Odle help me in Guthrie.”

Welcome to rodeo, HP Feel The Fame

HP Feel the Fame is a 5-year-old mare known as “Bradee.”

“I bought her from Jason Martin and Charlie Cole when she was a weanling,” Pedone said. “I raised her and Bryce Manning broke her. I started her and she placed in her first race, the slot race at the BFA. And then she won the BFA her juvenile year. She’s never been to this kind of deal.”

“I am really appreciative of the WCRA for all the opportunities to earn money and how good their ground is at their events.” — Ryann Pedone

To ensure the ground was safe, the WCRA held a barrel racing trial before the event to test the quality of the footing used for jumping events. The ground is synthetic blend of sand and fiber, which is firm but not too deep.

“This whole facility is very interesting,” Pedone said. “Bradee loved the ground. She stood up on it, and the WCRA always tries to make it good for us girls so you’re not scared to put a colt on it.”

WCRA Rodeo Carolina progressive go round 1

1RYANN PEDONE16.722$1,500
2FALLON FORBES16.88$1,000

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