Rollercoaster Ride: Sissy Winn and Scoop Add NFR Round 4 Victory to Pile

Sissy Winn notched her second go-round win during Round 4 of the 2023 NFR after two rounds of hit barrels.
Sissy Winn and Scoop Round 4 NFR
Sissy Winn and Scoop winning Round 4 of the 2023 NFR. Jamie Arviso Photography.

Sissy Winn and A R Dash Ta Flame, “Scoop,” banked their second victory of the 2023 NFR on Night 4 of competition in Las Vegas, adding $30,706.41 to her 2023 NFR earnings.

Winn changed up her help in the alleyway for her fourth run of NFR 2023 and had a familiar face assisting her after two rounds of knocked barrels.

“I had Danyelle (Campbell) in the alleyway with me tonight,” Winn said. “It was so special. I think that was the biggest thing—we were more nervous about her walking than anything. We never actually discussed a game plan or what to do.”

For 25-year-old Winn, Campbell’s influence has been strong in her professional career.

“Her coming out here was planned,” Winn said. “It’s a team, and I want her to enjoy it, too. Whatever happens, obviously we won and it was really cool having her there, but just enjoying all of it is huge because she’s more than just my mentor and Scoop’s trainer. It’s a friendship.”

Winn’s 13.50 marked the fastest pattern completed in four nights of NFR competition, besting Lisa Lockhart and Promise Me Fame Guys’ 13.51 turned in during Round 3. After Winn’s first round victory, she knocked barrels in both Rounds 2 and 3, making her comeback in Round 4 an impressive feat.

“I’m just replaying it over and over in my mind,” Winn said. “I just can’t believe that happened, because the first round was incredible. And the last two rounds—woo, there goes Sissy, smacking barrels. I was not with my horse, not doing him justice. That was Sissy, not Scoop, let’s make that very clear. He still got his cookies afterward.”

Besides the emotional rollercoaster, the technical side of the run felt special to Winn, as well.

“When he took off in the alley tonight, he just left perfect,” Winn said. “He’s strong, but it was just right. I got to the first and sat where I was supposed to—hopefully Danyelle will say that when I get back to the trailer. He smoked that first, and then after that I thought, ‘I’d better ride this second, because yesterday, I did not,’ and oh gosh, that run was just so cool when I think about it.”

Behind Winn, Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi continued her impressive streak of placing in her 2023 NFR showing, notching the second-place $25,267.97 payday in 13.52 seconds on Jets Top Gun, while Jordon Briggs had her best finish of the week in the No. 3 position with her 13.53, earning $18,324.97. Emily Beisel and Ivory On Fire, “Liza,” placed in their third consecutive round, earning $12,876.88 in 13.64 seconds after a smooth run.

Stay tuned for the full interview with Winn. that drops early on Tuesday, Dec. 12, thanks to Equinety.

NFR Round 4 barrel racing results

1Sissy WinnScoop13.5$30,706.41
2Brittany Pozzi TonozziBenny13.52$24,267.97
3Jordon BriggsRollo13.53$18,324.97
4Emily BeiselChongo13.64$12,876.88
5Jessica RoutierMissy13.76$7,924.23
6Lisa LockhartLevee13.77$4,952.65
7Wenda JohnsonMo13.81
8Kassie MowryWill13.82
9Paige JonesBazinga13.85
10Hailey KinselSister13.92
11Sue SmithHef13.98
12Ilyssa RileyThriller14.18
13Summer KoselApollo14.3
14Stevi HillmanSandi18.93
15Taycie MatthewsBud18.94