Full 2022 NFR Horse Report

See what horses won the most during the 2022 NFR in the barrel racing.
Lisa Lockhart and Promise Me Fame Guys barrel racing at NFR
Lisa Lockhart and Promise Me Fame Guys at the 2022 NFR. Image by Jamie Arviso.

Top Earning Horses Used in 2022 NFR Barrel Racing

DM Sissy Hayday was once again the talk of NFR barrel racing in 2022. The yellow mare won or split five total go-rounds with jockey Hailey Kinsel and earned a total of $172,782 over ten days. Here’s how things shaped up for the other 21 horses who ran down the tunnel inside the Thomas & Mack in December 2022.

All numbers are unofficial. For aggregate placings, total aggregate payout was divided by number of rounds each horse was used that the rider used. For example, Sissy Winn rode “Chewy,” and “Scoop,” each during five rounds of competition, and her aggregate check was $12,591.50. So $6,295.75 was added to each horse’s total earnings.

RiderHorseRounds UsedEarnings
Hailey KinselDM Sissy Hayday “Sister”1-10$172,782
Lisa LockhartPromise Me Fame Guys “Levee”1-10$158,326
Shelley MorganHr FameKissAndTell “Kiss”1-10$144,568
Emily BeiselNamgis D 33 “Chongo”1-10$117,753
Wenda JohnsonSteal Money “Mo”1-3, 5-8$92,522
Jordon BriggsFamous Lil Jet “Rollo”1-10$86,741
Margo CrowtherShes Packin Fame “Sissy”1-10$77,880
Leslie SmalygoJustAHeartBeatTaFame “Gus”1-9$63,889
Brittany Pozzi TonozziBabe on the Chase “Birdie”3-10$52,091
Kassie MowryCP He Will Be Epic “Will”1-5, 7-10$47,577
Bayleigh Choate (R)Hail To Be Famous “Dash”5-10$40,759
Dona Kay RuleHigh Valor “Valor”1-10$33,577
Jessica RoutierFiery Miss West “Missy”1-10$26,582
Bayleigh Choate (R)TJR Stinson Blue, “Boozer1-4$24,064
Sissy WinnA R Dash Ta Flame “Scoop”5-9$23,550
Sissy WinnChewingTheHotWire “Chewy1-4, 10$13,656
Wenda JohnsonMacGyver Moonflash “Mac”4, 9-10$7,744
Stevi HillmanSand In My Socks “Sandi”3-10$7,461
Brittany Pozzi TonozziRC Back in Black “Pickles”1-2$3,637
Kassie MowryForce the Goodbye60
Leslie SmalygoJustATroubledWarrior “Trouble”100
Stevi HillmanFrench Zone “Hollywood”1-20

Who Rules: Mares or Geldings?

Of the 22 horses that went down the alley inside the Thomas & Mack, 14 were geldings. The six mares that ran earned a combined $403,484, while the 14 geldings earned an estimated $767,610.54 together. The highest earning mare was DM Sissy Hayday, “Sister,” who raked in $172,782 beneath Hailey Kinsel. The No. 2 earner was Promise Me Fame Guys, or “Levee,” who earned $158,326 with Lisa Lockhart.