Epic Future and Mallee Jones Take Top 2023 Richest Futurity Honors

Mallee Jones jockeyed Epic Future to her first major futurity championship at the World's Richest Dinosaur Futurity in Glen Rose.
Mallee Jones and Epic Future winning the Richest Dinosaur Classic Futurity in 2023 barrel racing.
Mallee Jones and Epic Future won the World's Richest Dinosaur Futurity in 2023. Imagehounds Photography.

Mallee Jones and Epic Future won the 2023 Richest Dinosaur Futurity in commanding fashionnot bad for a futurity newbie.

Jones finished third in round one with a 14.972-second run against some major players, and second in round two with a 14.868 to win a total of $5,796 in Glen Rose, Texas, Jan. 2629, 2023.

For Jones, a 20-year-old college student from Wymore, Nebraska, the win is a sign shes in the right place as she hits the futurity trail seriously for the first time.

Her partner, Epic Future was bred and trained by Justin and Jordon Briggs of Tolar, Texas. Hes got one of the most sought after gene crosses in the gamehis sire is Epic Leader, and his dam is none other than Frenchmans Future, or “Stoli,” who won over $200,000 her futurity year with Jordon before sustaining a career-ending injury.

Epic Future's pedigree papers.

BRM sat down with Jones to get more information on her career, how she got paired up with Epic Future and where they plan to go next.

BRM: How did you know Epic Future was a good fit for you?

Mallee Jones: I knew he would be a good fit for me because of the way he felt (the first time I rode him). He’s just honestly an incredible athlete. Hes a little hotter horse and super fast. Thats the kind of horse I usually click with. Im not into a push-style horse. We clicked from the get-go.

BRM: Mentally, how have you approached your first big year of futurities?

MJ: I’m really trying to focus on myself and my horse It’s about what I need to doI can’t let myself get in my head about too many thing. I want to just remember all the things I’ve done to prepare for each race, then execute when I get there.

BRM: Tell us about how you prepared Epic Future for the race. 

MJ: I exhibitioned him one time (at Glen Rose), but hes honestly to the point where he doesnt need it. I made my first competition run ever on him at Glen Rose so he knows the arena already. When running him, you have to two-hand him a little bit longer than other horses and make sure to really ride him into the right position. From there, he’s pretty confident.

BRM: How did you stay focused after your success in the first round?

MJ: I went into my second run trying to focus on doing what I needed to do. I just didn’t want to override or make mistakes on my end. Not override or make any mistakes on my end. I knew I was in there for the average if I just made a good run.

BRM: What bit do you run Epic Future in?

I run him in a Kerry Kelly Mini Hemi with the slow twist livesaver. Ill ride him in a hackamore sometimes at home if were not working barrels, because he’s pretty chill in it.

BRM: Where are you two headed next?

MJ: The American contender in Tulsa with my other horse, then the Kinder (Louisiana) Futurity and the (Buckeye) Arizona Royal Crown.

Jones may have been a relative rookie to the futurity scene, but she showed out against some of the best in the game. Here’s how the futurity results stacked up in each round and the aggregate at the $10,000 added Richest Dinosaur Futurity.

Bonus: Want to see Jordon Briggs work Epic Future on barrel and pole drills? Click here.

Richest Dinosaur Futurity Results

Round 1-1D

1Sarah ZaleskiCaught at the Disco14.571$2,016 
2Dale LongFive L Dark hangover14.931$1,680 
3Mallee JonesEpic Future14.972$1,428 
4Andrea ClineFury Fame N Fortune15.021$1,092 
5Ryann PedoneRR Shylock15.041$840 
Full results can be found here.

Round 1-2D

1Ryann PedonePeach Vanilla15.571$588 
2Allie JordanS R Otta Boot Ya15.585$420 
3Bailee SnowTechnical Fall Guy15.589$336 
Full results can be found here.

Round 2- 1D

1Cody BausermanHailed From Fury14.847$2,016 
2Mallee JonesEpic Future14.868$1,680 
3Ashley SchaferSeis On The Chase15.098$1,428 
4Andrea ClineFury Fame N Fortune15.099$1,092 
5Fonda MelbyRF Bugin for Cookies15.125$840 
Full results can be found here.

Round 2- 2D

1Lauren StroughGQH Slick Ta Fiesta15.86$588 
2Jodee MillerM R Look At Me Now15.908$420 
3Tiffany AccomazzoDesigned Ta Sting15.915$336 
Full results can be found here.


1Mallee JonesEpic Future14.86814.97229.84$2,688 
2Cody BausermanHailed From Fury14.84715.06529.912$2,240 
3Andrea ClineFury Fame N Fortune15.09915.02130.12$1,904 
4Ryann PedoneRR Shylock15.12915.04130.17$1,456 
5Dale LongFive L Dark Hangover15.2414.93130.171$1,120 
6Ashley SchaferSeis On The Chase15.09815.09630.194$784 
7Fonda MelbyRF Bugin For Cookies15.12515.12730.252$560 
8Sierra MelbyERDC Frenchman So Lik15.13915.16430.303$448 
9Jodee MillerCadillac Bling15.2615.09930.359
10Lacey DoneganI Dont Do Dishes15.28315.17130.454
Full results can be found here.