Son Of A Clone: Jana Guthrie and Waylon James Jump to WRWC Challenger Barrel Racing Qualifying Round Win

Jana Guthrie rides the unregistered son of “Clayton,” Scamper’s clone, to a win during the Qualifying round of the Women’s Rodeo World Championship in Fort Worth, Texas.
Jana Guthrie at WRWC barrel racing

The Women’s Rodeo World Championship challengers are looking to give the Pros a run for their money.

Jana Guthrie topped the salty first round of WRWC barrel racing, with a 13.585-second run inside Cowtown Coliseum, just hundredths off London Gorham’s 13.479-second run that topped the Pro division. Guthrie earned $2,230 for her efforts.

Guthrie’s “Waylon James,” is unregistered, but not because he came from a sale barn, or because his heritage is unknown. Waylon James’ sire is Clayton, the clone to Charmayne James’ great 10x world champion Scamper, registered Gills Bay Boy. This means that he cannot be registered per AQHA guidelines. However, it doesn’t seem to be holding the dirty fast 10-year-old gelding back.

“Waylon is so easy and fun. He makes my job easy. As long as I stay out of his way and stay right there with him, he takes care of the rest,” Guthrie said.

When Guthrie isn’t running barrels, she is selling real estate. She keeps Waylon James with Carlos Renato whenever she can’t be around to keep him legged up due to her work schedule.

A first-generation cowgirl, Guthrie was hooked on barrel racing from a young age. She won her first saddle at the age of 5, and the sport meant bonding time between Guthrie and her father.

“My dad and I—this was our thing. We hauled to all the rodeos together. I actually lost my dad in March,” Guthrie said as her voice cracked. “It’s been tough, but I know this is what he would want me to do. I actually bought Waylon right before he got sick, so all of this is really, really special for me. He’s watching.”

Rodeo has become a special piece of Guthrie’s life since the passing of her dad, and the quick-footed Waylon James led her to Cowtown Coliseum, and eventually to the WRWC in Fort Worth.

“After I bought Waylon, I started trying to get into rodeos a little bit. I started coming to the Friday and Saturday night rodeos in Cowtown, and that is where I found out about the WCRA. I nominated and had no clue what it was and ended up getting points. I figured at that point, I’d better figure out what this was. I called the WCRA and they gave me the full rundown,” she recalled. “It’s been so exciting to be a part of this process and part of such a great organization.”

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Guthrie is leading the field into the semifinals round at Cowtown Coliseum on Tuesday, May 16. From the semifinals, the top four will advance and go against the No. 1 seeded leaderboard athletes and the Pros. Be sure to purchase tickets at for the Showdown and Triple Crown of Rodeo Rounds on Wednesday, May 16.

WRWC Challenger Barrel Racing

Qualifying Round

  1. Jana Guthrie, 13.585-second run, worth $2,230
  2. Mindy Holloway, 13.798-second run, worth $1,920
  3. Mallee Jones, 13.819-second run, worth $1,520
  4. Victoria Procter, 13.845-second run, worth $1,120
  5. Reagan Johnson, 13.845-second run, worth $720
  6. Jordyn Koonsman, 13.860-second run, worth $400
  7. Britta Strain, 13.914-second run
  8. Payton Askins, 13.973-second run
  9. Brittney Hipp, 13.980-second run
  10. Cranna Roberts, 14.002-second run
  11. Lorie Diodosio, 14.097-second run
  12. Kari Boxleitner, 14.112-second run