It’s Game on Now: Danyelle Campbell Breaks Down Round 2 NFR Barrel Racing

Danyelle Campbell breaks down the second round of the National Finals Rodeo barrel racing, explains why barrels hit the ground and horse changes for round 3 are revealed.
Hailey Kinsel winning round 2 of NFR barrel racing.
Hailey Kinsel won the second round of the 2022 NFR. Image by Ric Andersen/CBARC Photography.

When the final cowgirl, Jordon Briggs, exited the arena on night two of the National Finals Rodeo, she was one of only nine of the top 15 to keep all three cans upright.

“Tonight was the night of tipped barrels,” said Danyelle Campbell, a three-time NFR qualifier.

But it was three-time world champion Hailey Kinsel who rose to the top of the pack with a smooth 13.61-second run that earned her the round 2 win and $28,913.70.

“Hailey was my pick tonight,” Campbell said. “I said after round 1 that the downed barrel was going to put her in a different frame of mind; she’s going to be gunning for it every night. Sister looked sharp—maybe she lost time at the third but hit her points on the first and second, so I think it’s game on from here on out.

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Hillman’s Hit Inspires Round 3 Horse Change

“Stevi ran French Zone again,” Campbell said. “She found the first tonight but never moved over for the second, which forced Stevi to hold the right rein across the arena and ultimately hit the second. That’s a great jockey on a great mare. I know they are capable of winning together in this arena, but I look to see her on Sand In My Socks soon.”

Campbell couldn’t have been more correct. According to the WPRA, Hillman will run the sorrel “Sandi,” in the third round of competition.

M’s The Word

Florida’s Margo Crowther was 13.72 in the second round to earn second-place money—$22,851.95 to be exact.

“Margo brought it tonight,” Campbell said. “I expect to see her and her great mare, Sissy, continue to be aggressive and on fire. This may be their first NFR but they’ve been a great team for years and you can see the confidence shining through.”

Shelley Morgan and Kiss slid into the sixth-place hole with a 13.91-second trip that earned her $4,663.50.

“Shelley had the same consistent runs we are used to her making,” Campbell said.

Winn Draws First NFR Check

NFR first-timer Sissy Winn snagged her first NFR earnings in round 2, turning in a 13.88, worth $7,461 and fifth place.

“Sissy and Chewy got a little by the first and then slipped but came back fast and had a fluid second and third barrel,” said Campbell, who works with Winn frequently. “We’ve been working on keeping him moving in his turns and giving himself a little breathing room coming around the second barrel, so it was good to see it pay off tonight.”

Lockhart and Levee are Solid

“Lisa and Levee are great,” Campbell said. “Lisa did and incredible job picking him up and saving the third barrel. It’s impressive to see these horses respond so quickly and get out of trouble.”

First Barrel Problems

Campbell noted that Kassie Mowry, Dona Kay Rule, Jessica Routier, and Emily Beisel all had mistakes at their first turn that cost them five seconds later in the run. Getting out of position on their first turn made it hard to move over in time to avoid the downed barrel in time.

Brittany’s Bringing Birdie to Round Three

Although RC Back in Black, “Pickles,” looked more comfortable in the Thomas & Mack in round 2, Pozzi Tonozzi will bring out Babe On The Chase, “Birdie,” in round 3.