Beast Mode: Kassie Mowry and Force The Goodbye Get Back-to-Back NFR Round Wins

Kassie Mowry has found her groove inside the Thomas & Mack in 2023 and is riding the wave of success.
Kassie Mowry and Force The Goodbye winning Round 9 NFR 2023
Kassie Mowry and Force The Goodbye winning Round 9 of the 2023 NFR. Ric Andersen/CBarC Photo

Kassie Mowry rode her 5-year-old sensation, Force The Goodbye to another round win inside the Thomas & Mack in Round 9 of the 2023 event.

“What is up with Jarvis right now?” Mowry said. “He’s going beast mode!”

Beast mode is right. So far, the fastest two times over nine rounds belong to Mowry. She began the week on CP He Will Be Epic, the giant grey gelding known as “Will,” and then swapped to Jarvis partway through. Between both geldings, Mowry has banked $138,273.73 during her 2023 NFR.

Check out Mowry’s full interview with a special appearance from legendary photographer, Kenneth Springer, brought to listeners by Equinety.

Who won during Round 9 of NFR barrel racing 2023?

The wicked fast round saw 2021 World Champion, Jordon Briggs kick things off with her best time of the week, a 13.48-second run, then Lisa Lockhart come in to smoke a 13.41 just a few runs later, before Mowry answered back with the 13.37 that earned her No. 1.

Hailey Kinsel came in aboard DM Sissy Hayday with her best time over nine rounds so far, a 13.51 to secure the fifth-place position, and Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi held onto her aggregate lead from the No. 15 position on the ground with a smooth, safe 13.68-second time.

1Kassie Mowry13.37$30,706.41
2Lisa Lockhart13.41$24,267.97
3Jordon Briggs13.48$18,324.97
4Hailey Kinsel13.51$12,876.88
5Summer Kosel13.61$7,924.23
6Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi13.68$4,952.65
7Paige Jones13.76
8Sissy Winn13.78
9Stevi Hillman13.82
10Sue Smith13.82
11Jessica Routier13.86
12Ilyssa Riley13.99
13Emily Beisel18.5
14Taycie Matthews23.38
15Wenda Johnson23.84