Hailey Kinsel Takes Back Center Stage, Wins Fourth World Championship

Hailey Kinsel and DM Sissy Hayday locked up their fourth World Championship and Shelley Morgan dominates the NFR Aggregate Title.
Hailey Kinsel NFR barel racing
Hailey Kinsel at the 2022 NFR. Jamie Arviso Photography.

Hailey Kinsel has been the most controversial barrel racer of the month in Las Vegas during the 2022 National Finals Rodeo, but it only seemed to fuel DM Sissy Hayday, “Sister,” and Kinsel.

Kinsel locked up her world championship on night 10 of the NFR when she was second out on the drag with a 13.35-second run that earned $28,913 on the night. Although it didn’t beat her Round 9 run for fastest of the week, she did bring her total NFR earnings to $182,782.69 for the week, and year-end earnings to $302,172.27. That kept 2021 World Champion Jordon Briggs in the No. 2 seat with $274,520.38 in total earnings.

“No matter where you are, God has you exactly where He wants you,” Kinsel said after receiving her gold buckle. “No matter where that is, just know.”

The day after Kinsel won her world championship, she sat down with BRM while she was packing up the trailer to leave and shared her thoughts on her 2022 NFR and the road to her fourth gold buckle. Her mom, Leslie, also discussed what the win looked like from her perspective.

Morgan and “Kiss” Are NFR Aggregate Champions

Shelley Morgan and HR FamesKissNTell took a commanding lead over the aggregate during the middle of the NFR, and kept that chokehold right until the final moment. Morgan could have turned in her slowest time of the NFR and still walked away with the win, but she turned in a 13.51-second trip that earned her third-place money—$12,125.10—and gave her an aggregate time of 137.28 on 10 runs, worth $74,149.92.

NFR Round 10 Payout

1$28,913.70Hailey Kinsel 13.34
2$22,851.95Margo Crowther13.43
3$17,254.95Shelley Morgan13.51
4$12,125.10Jessica Routier13.52
5$7,461.60Jordon Briggs13.62
6$4,663.50Bayleigh Choate13.65
Shelley Morgan and “Kiss,” got the aggregate win at the 2022 NFR.

NFR Aggregate Results

1$74,149.92Shelley Morgan137.28
2$60,159.36Bayleigh Choate138.98
3$47,567.87Lisa Lockhart141.66
4$34,976.38Jordon Briggs142.41
5$25,182.99Wenda Johnson142.76
6$18,187.71Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi143.1
7$12,591.50Sissy Winn144.03
8$6,995.27Hailey Kinsel146.06

2022 WPRA Final World Standings

1.Hailey Kinsel$302,172
2.Jordon Briggs$274,520
3.Shelley Morgan$265,030
4.Lisa Lockhart$253,197
5.Wenda Johnson$231,860
6.Emily Beisel$221,718
7.Margo Crowther$184,751
8.Bayleigh Choate$182,971
9.Dona Kay Rule$171,019
10.Leslie Smalygo$158,343
11.Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi$154,161
12.Kassie Mowry$150,121
13.Sissy Winn$149,156
14.Stevi Hillman$138,064
15.Jessica Routier$123,197