Veterans, Underdogs, and Slick By Design: Pink Buckle Day Two

Keep up with results and more from the $3.3 million Pink Buckle Barrel Race in Guthrie, Oklahoma, October 3-9.
Kassie Mowry Pink Buckle
Kassie Mowry and Sir Epic at the Pink Buckle 2022. Image by Lexi Smith Media

Day Two


Day two brought the second round of the 2D futurity in Guthrie, Oklahoma, and the second round belonged to Kassie Mowry and Sir Epic with a blazing 16.755-second run, worth $26,000 for Mowry and owners Dave and Lori Zabel, $3,250 for breeder Karma Loftin, and $3,250 for Jill Lane Quarter horses, owners of JL Sirocco. Mowry’s run also clinched her the No. 7 position in the aggregate, worth another $11,700 for Mowry and $1,463 for both Loftin and Jill Lane Quarter Horses.

Hot on Mowry’s heels was another well-known name in the futurity sphere, Ashley Schafer. She was aboard Born on Derby Day, her standout daughter of Freckles Ta Fame and KR Last Fling x A Streak of Fling. Schafer’s 16.865 earned her and her husband, Seth, $18,200 for the round as owners, and a combined $4,550 for Joe and Carla Spitz as both the breeders, and owners of Freckles Ta Fame. Schafer also clawed her way up to a fourth-place finish in the aggregate, worth $24,700 for the Schafer’s and $6,176 for the Spitz family.


The 2D win went to Luv My Design, a 2018 mare by Streakin Boon Dox and out of Famed French Kiss by Dash Ta Fame and Jolene Montgomery with a 17.521-second runorth $8,000 for owner Jennifer Harris and $1,000 each for breeders, Ty and Stevi Hillman, and Streakin Boon Dox owners, Joe and Carla Spitz.

Full results can be here for the futurity rounds and aggregate.

Hot on her heels was fellow futurity superstar, Ashley Schafer and Born on Derby Day.

In the third place position, Benjamin Beall and Slick Swingin clocked a 16.914-second run, which also clinched their aggregate win. Slick Swingin led the pack when it came to Slick by Design progeny, who won a combined $176,981 before additional sidepots and incentives. Slick Swingin also earned the 1D aggregate win.

Day One

Day No. 1 of the 2022 $3.3 million Pink Buckle Barrel Race presented by Cinch is in the books, and when the dust settled at the famed Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma, after more than 300 horses had run through the gates it was Jamey Hunt and Eddie Stetson who reigned victorious. Hunt mastered round one of the elite futurity with a 16.874-second run.

Eddie Stetson is a 2018 gelding by Eddie Stinson and out of VF Burrs Alive by Burrs First Down that is owned by Tiany Schuster and Edwin Cameron.

Pink Buckle Futurity first round winner, Eddie Stetson.

Hunt wasn’t the only one to earn 1D money aboard Eddie Stinson progeny. John Ressler and Schelli Creacy also cashed in aboard Moonshyner and Seyainajollaeddie, bringing the stallion’s total 1D earnings to $30,355 for his owners, and $3,794 to the breeders. Eddie Stinson was the highest earning stallion of the day, cashing in for an impressive $37,943 across the board.

Coming in No.2 for 1D earning stallions was Slick By Design. His representatives in the 1D included Slick Swingin, who won second in the 1D with Brandon Beall, and KG JusticeSlick, ridden by Kathy Grimes. The two standouts earned a combined $24,050 for their owners, plus $3,006 for both the breeders, as well as for the owners of Slick By Design, bringing his total bag to $30,062.

Slick Swingin, a 2017 gelding sired by Slick By Design and out of the great mare Hip Swingin Gypsy turned in a 16.906 to earn second-place money and lead Slick By Design progeny to a No. 2 finish in 1D earnings.

In the 2D, Traffic Guy reigned supreme, with Girl Stopping Traffic winning the 2D under Janet Staton and JessAFamousTraficGuy holding down the No. 6 position with Kellie Collier. They earned a combined $10,200 for the owners, plus $1,275 for Traffic Guy’s owners and for each entry’s breeder, bringing his earnings to $12,750.

Overall, A Streak Of Fling had the most consistent group among round one earners. He had five money earners between both divisions, bringing his overall earnings to $29,783 for all five of his placing offspring.

The First Family of Futurities, Remembering the Impact of Family Patriarch Dale Youree

⬇️ Here’s the payout breakdown by stallion for the first round of the 2D Futurity ⬇️

Stallion1D Owner1D Stallion/Breeder2D Owner2D Stallion/Breeder Total Earnings
Eddie Stinson$30,355$7,588xx$37,943
Slick by Design$24,050$6,012xx$30,062
A Streak of Fling$17,225$4,308$6,600$1,650$29,783
Tres Seis$17,550$4,388$800$200$22,938
A Smooth Guy$3,965$992$10,000$2,500$17,457
The Goodbye Lane$9,100$2,276$2,500$616$14,492
JL Sirocco$9,100$2,276$1,500$376$13,252
Traffic Guyxx$10,200$2,550$12,750
Blazin JetOLena$3,250$812$3,440$860$8,362
Lead the Field$4,550$1,138xx$5,688
Freckles Ta Fame$3,900$976xx$4,876
BHR Frenchies Socks$3,575$894xx$4,469
Designer Red$2,080$520xx$2,600
No Pressure on Me$1,300$326xx$1,626
Mr Sassy Frenchmanxx$1,200$300$1,500
Aint Seen Nothin Yetxx$1,000$250$1,250
Blazin Honorxx$720$180$900
Epic Leaderxx540$136$676

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