Dona Kay Rule and “Valor” Dominate Star-Studded WPRA Card Holder Race

Dona Kay Rule and High Valor Turn In Fastest Time of the WPRA World Finals.
Dona Kay Rule and High Valor. WPRA Photo by James Phifer,

If Sunday morning, Oct. 14 at the 2021 Women’s Professional Rodeo Association World Finals presented by Nutrena in Waco, Texas, was any indication of how ready Dona Kay Rule and High Valor are for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo next month, they passed the test with flying colors.

During the final round of the WPRA Card Holder Race at EXTRACO Event Center in Waco, Texas, Valor laid down the fastest time of the entire weekend stopping the clock in 15.457 seconds to capture the round and average title. Rule added another $1,770 for the round win and $3,584 for the average to her 2022 WPRA ProRodeo World Standings. Valor raced against many of the same horses that will be running down the alleyway at the Thomas and Mack in just a few short weeks including Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi and Ima Famous Babe, who finished second in the final round in a time of 15.626; Emma Charleston and Makana, a horse Stevi Hillman plans to have in her arsenal in Las Vegas, were sixth in a time of 15.873 and Jordon Briggs and Famous Lil Jet finished eighth in the round at 15.901.

Rule of Minco, Okla., entered the final round third in the average behind Jimmie Smith and Briggs but after saving their best run for the final day, Rule and High Valor took home the average title with a total time of 47.043 on three runs.

Kylee Scribner and Firewater Cartel stopped the clock in 15.640 seconds to top round one of the WPRA Card Holder Race and earn $2,390. WPRA Photo by James Phifer,
Jordon Briggs and AQHA/WPRA Horse of the Year Famous Lil Jet won round two of the WPRA Card Holder race with their time of 15.605 to bank $2,390. WPRA Photo by James Phifer,

Laura Mote, daughter of four-time Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association World Champion Bareback Rider Bobby Mote, turned 18 in July and bought her WPRA permit the end of August. Competing this weekend in the WPRA permit only race, Mote blasted through the cloverleaf pattern aboard Reb Hot Redbull winning two rounds en route to the average title. She topped the leaderboard in the second round in a time of 15.811 seconds and returned for the final round also turning in the top time with a 15.913. She easily won the average with a three run total of 47.955 seconds. Mote will now turn her attention to her next goal of winning the 2022 WPRA Rookie of the Year title.

Laura Mote rode Reb Hot Redbull to the top of round two and the WPRA Permit Holder Race average. WPRA Photo by James Phifer,

Heidi Gunderson won the 1D Futurity World Championship aboard Nacho Money Honey and finished reserve world champion on Coming In Haute. The Murdock, Minn., futurity trainer finished with 430 and 350 points, respectively. The 2020 1D Futurity World Champion, Teasin Dat Guy (“Chewy”) will race down the alley at the WNFR next month with jockey Molly Otto. Maybe we will see Nacho Money Honey there in 2022.

Amanda Olson of New London, Wisc., won the Futurity 2D World Title aboard Red Smashed Cash with 90 points ahead of Wendy Platts and Beter Watchthis Guyz with 70 points. Karen Gleason took home the Derby World title aboard Mobetta Fame with 235 points.

In 2019, Gleason and Mobetta Fame shared the 1D Futurity World title with Colleen Vondra’s SCF Lakewood Fame in 2019 and narrowly missed out on the derby world title in 2020. Fortunately in 2021 Mobetta Fame etched its name in the record books and became only the second horse to win both futurity and derby world titles in the WPRA joining Hilary Van Gerpen’s PC Judge Cash N Lace in 2018 (futurity) and 2019 (derby).

WPRA Card Holder Race
First round: 1. Kylee Scribner (Firewater Cartel), 15.640 seconds, $2,390; 2. Jodee Miller (Mr Repete Pete), 15.744, $2,048; 3. Jackie Ganter (Smokn Lane), 15.799, $1,707; 4. Jimmie Smith (A Valiant Nicky), 15.816, $1,479; 5. Dona Kay Rule (High Valor), 15.824, $1,138; 6. Alex Lang (Angels On The Moon), 15.861, $1910; 7. Randee Prindle (Red Man Jones), 15.869, $683; 8. Carrie Potashnick (Perks In The House), 15.877, $455; 9. Haley Wolfe (Iron Eyes Rio Bravo), 15890, $341; 10. Cassidy Kruse Deen (Outta Clear Blue), 15.892, $228. Second round: 1. Jordon Briggs (Famous Lil Jet), 15.605 seconds, $2,390; 2. Jimmie Smith (A Valiant Nicky), 15.707, $2,048; 3. Emma Charleston (Makana), 15.725, $1,707; 4. Tillar Murray (Dashing Canelo), 15.753, $1,479; 5. (tie) Cheyenne Wimberley (Royal Blue Fame) and Dona Kay Rule (High Valor), 15.762, $1,024 each; 7. Tandy Meyers (Streakin Dusty Light), 15.769, $683; 8. Tera Moody (Pennys Final Fling), 15.789, $455; 9. Rylee Shields (Fury’s Princess), 15.809, $341; 10. Liz Pinkston (Cash Flow Depot), 15.812, $228. Final round: 1. Dona Kay Rule (High Valor), 15.457 seconds, $1,770; 2. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi (Ima Famous Babe), 15.626, $1,328; 3. Wendy Cline (Streakin And Shaken), 15.836, $885; 4. Steeley Steiner (XS Dirty Lil Secret), 15.867, $443. Average: 1. Dona Kay Rule, 47.043 seconds on three runs, $3,584; 2. Jordon Briggs, 47.462, $3,072; 3. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, 47.611, $2,560; 4. Tandy Meyers, 47.664, $2,219; 5. Jimmie Smith, 47.763, $1,707; 6. Emma Charleston, 47.770, $1,365; 7. Stephanie Fryar, 47.790, $1,024; 8. Michelle Darling, 47.934, $683; 9. Wendy Cline, 47.957, $512; 10. Cayla Small, 47.971, $341.

WPRA Permit Only Race
First round: 1. Mindy Holloway (Heavens Got Credit), 15.998 seconds, $981; 2. Suade Furr (Stackin Bills), 16.103, $841; 3. Kaycee Killingsworth (Firewater Ta Party), $701; 4. Laura Mote (Reb Hot Redbull), 16.231, $607; 5. Jordyn Williams (Kool Speed Ta Kash), 16.270, $467; 6. Rylee Leach (NMD Chesterslilbunny) 16.277, $374; 7. Traci Nelson (The Cat Dun It), 16.320, $280; 8. Masyn Powers (BW Lilsisterdontcha) 16.341, $187; 9. Jesse Harris (BR Galsfrench Hayday), 16.373, $140; 10. Anna Johnson (Famous Resurection) 16.375, $93. Second round: 1. Laura Mote (Reb Hot Redbull), 15.811, $1,238; Suade Furr (Stackin Bills), 16.004, $1,098; 3. DeeDee Jordan (Firen For Jack), 16.218, $958; 4. Taci Nelson (The Cat Dun It), 16.252, $864. Final round: 1. Laura Mote (Reb Hot Redbull), 15.913 seconds, $890; 2. Traci Nelson (The Cat Dun It), 16.029, $668; 3. Robin Kuhnhein (MR JB Chasin Roses), 16.384, $223; 4. (tie) Lauren Merica (Gogo Romeo), 16.399, $111 each. Average: 1. Laura Mote, 47.955 seconds on three runs, $1,402; 2. Traci Nelson, 48.601, $1,202; 3. Jennifer Dunn, 49.453, $1,001; 4. Lauren Merica, 49.524, $868; 5. Ella Gohlke, 49.569, $668; 6. Robin Kuhnhein, 49.764, $534; 7. Brooke Andrews, 49.882, $401; 8. Dee Dee Jordan, 49.898, $257; 9. Lindsey Stevens, 49.926, $200; 10. Margo Thomas, 49.983, $134.