Consistency Queen: Lisa Lockhart Locks in Third NFR Average Championship with Round 10 Win

Lisa Lockhart is the 2023 NFR aggregate champion thanks to a stellar performance as the only barrel racer to leave all barrels standing throughout the event.
Lisa Lockhart and Levee
Lisa Lockhart and Levee are the 2023 NFR Aggregate champions. Jamie Arviso Photography.

Lisa Lockhart and Promise Me Fame Guys ran a steady race that paid off by way of the $78,747.07 NFR aggregate championship in 137.18 seconds inside the Thomas & Mack.

After a wild Round 10, Lockhart was officially the only barrel racer to keep barrels standing all 10 rounds, and she did it in solid time, cashed in during six runs and won two rounds of NFR barrel racing.

“It was just such a surprise,” Lockhart said. “I was in the back and I couldn’t hear Jordon’s run, and Grady, my husband came back and started telling me I won the average, too!’

Lockhart had to surpass three salty competitors to take the aggregate win. She smoked a 13.54-second run from the No. 2 position on the ground during Round 10 on Promise Me Fame Guys, “Levee,” the horse she jockeyed through all 10 rounds of 2023 NFR competition.

Loaded in the tunnel were Kassie Mowry, Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi and Jordon Briggs, who all sat in a position to potentially break Briggs’ 2021 NFR aggregate record. One by one, barrels fell down: the third turn for Mowry, and the second barrel on back-to-back runs to dash Tonozzi and Briggs’ chances at the title.

“Our horses are our everything,” Lockhart said. “To have (Levee) be in that scenario to be compared to Louie, who made 85 runs here and was the picture of consistency, wow.”

An Oakie With Cash, “Louie,” helped Lockhart earn her last two aggregate championships in 2014 and 2016, and although fans have rallied in support of Levee, the humble South Dakota cowgirl was quick to point out that Levee deserves recognition separate from the iconic buckskin that dominated the rodeo scene throughout the 2010s.

“Levee is his own individual; I will never take that away from him,” Lockhart said. “But he loves his job and wants to do it to perfection every time. There’s never any surprises, ever. That’s what I love about him. I think people love to see that, too. People love to see a horse race with consistency—plus his little fuzzy ears and his big eyes.”

Stay tuned for the full NFR press room conference with Lisa Lockhart and a full round and aggregate recap on The Money Barrel, brought to you by Equinety.

NFR Aggregate Results

1Lisa Lockhart137.18$78,747.07
2Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi141.18$63,889.14
3Kassie Mowry141.2$50,516.99
4Paige Jones142.21$37,144.85
5Jordon Briggs142.23$26,744.29
6Jessica Routier142.76$19,315.14
7Ilyssa Riley144.54$13,372.14
8Hailey Kinsel148.67$7,428.97
9Sue Smith149
10Summer Kosel152.66
11Sissy Winn156.64
12Stevi Hillman158.09
13Emily Beisel161.48
14Wenda Johnson163.64
15Taycie Matthews154.88/9