Why WCRA Nominations ✨ Just Make Sense ✨ for College Champs, Plus Advice for You

These collegiate standouts share why they wanted a chance to compete at the WCRA Days of 47 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Sadie Wolaver barrel racing at college national finals rodeo
Sadie Wolaver, 2022 College National Finals Rodeo Champion. Jackie Jensen photography.

Nominations are closed for the WCRA-Sanctioned Days of 47 Rodeo in Salt Lake City, Utah. This $562,500 added event will be held on July 20-23 and 25, and will consist of athletes who nominated local jackpots, futurities, and all levels of rodeos. There will also be athletes in attendance that fans may recognize from another major recent event: the College National Finals Rodeo. Multiple event champions capitalized on the opportunity to earn major points in the Days of 47 segment at the event in Casper, Wyoming, on June 12-18, 2022. 

We sat down with three ladies with 2022 CNFR victories to get their take on the WCRA.

First, get to know the champs. 

Sadie Wolaver captured the CNFR Barrel Racing championship aboard the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association Horse of the Year, Im A Sharp Frost and placed no worse than fourth in every round of CNFR competition.

Bryana Lehrmann earned the CNFR Breakaway Roping championship, and locked up the Women’s All-Around championship after also placing in the barrel racing.  

Taycie Matthews was the Reserve CNFR Barrel Racing champion behind Wolaver—her ProRodeo traveling partner—and turned in the fastest time of the event during the short round. 

Lehrmann decided to nominate for both the Days of 47 segment, and looked ahead to the 2023 Women’s World Championship Rodeo to double nominate in both barrels and breakaway, while Wolaver and Matthews simply nominated the Days of 47. 

Here are 5 reason these cowgirls picked the CNFR to nominate, and what their thoughts are on WCRA events.

WCRA works in their hectic schedules. 

Wolaver: “It’s nice because you can go to big money rodeos while nominating rodeos you are already competing in—like a two for one deal. If you think you have a shot at doing well somewhere, you might as well enter and have the chance to run at more money later on.”

They care about contestants. 

Lehrmann: “My favorite thing about the WCRA is how contestants are treated. We are the highlight of the show, no matter the discipline. I am also partial to associations that care about breakaway roping, which they helped get accepted into the main stage in rodeo.”

Sadie Wolaver wins 2022 College national finals barrel racing
Sadie Wolaver captured the CNFR championship aboard Im A Sharp Frost

You can ball on a budget. 

Wolaver: “The nomination at CNFR was minimal, but because it was a Division Two event, I earned a lot of points. It gives everybody a chance to compete at big-money events.” 

It’s easy on the horses.

Matthews: “You don’t have to make extra runs to qualify. I can have a chance to compete for more money on the runs I’m already making at rodeos. I don’t have to go enter somewhere else to get to their events.” 

It’s S-I-M-P-L-E

Wolaver: “It’s easy. Make an account, search events you are entered in, nominate a WCRA event you would like to attend, pay the nomination fee and accumulate points to earn a spot!” 

Matthews: “It’s super easy.” 

Lehrmann: “The WCRA nomination process is very easy to get through, with the system being able to save all of my information.” 

Words of Wisdom

Before you embark on your WCRA journey, here are some tips to help you maximize your nominations. 

(PSSSST: THE WCRA created a 50 percent off code that will be live for all nominations until July 4, 2022. Download the WCRA app here and select “50% off code.”)

Lehrmann: “I wish someone had told me in the beginning to nominate multiple head jackpots, because those are worth the most for the fee based on the return on points. A multiple-go event can give you two to five times the amount of points for the same nomination cost.”

Matthews: “You have to think ahead. Our schedules can change suddenly, so make sure that you will be able to attend the event before spending money on nominations.”