Check Out Slack Results at the Caldwell Night Rodeo

Before the first full performance of the Caldwell Night Rodeo, contestants made their way to Idaho to compete at the 98th edition of the event in the rodeo slack.
Hailey Kinsel and DM Sissy Hayday. Photo by Hubbell Rodeo Photos

A traditional format of scores and times accumulating throughout the performances and a final round saw a big group of timed event contestants on hand at the Caldwell Night Rodeo, so the bulk of their competition was held the day before the actual start of the rodeo. 

The steer wrestlers, team ropers, tie-down ropers and barrel racers all get to compete twice at the Caldwell Night Rodeo. Their two times are added together to see who will be among the top 12 that qualify for Saturday night’s championship finals. Breakaway ropers also qualify based on a total time on two runs, but their competition is progressive with each of the 96 entrants competing Monday night. Then the 24 with the fastest times get to rope during the performances. 

The first round in all of these events was completed in what is known in the rodeo world as slack. The big money winner so far is tie-down roper Riley Mason Webb of Denton, Texas. Webb is currently in first place in the Resistol Rookie of the Year Race. He’s also just outside the top 15 in the world standings so a big win here could easily move him up and see him headed to his first Wrangler National Finals Rodeo

Webb roped and tied his first calf in 7.5 seconds to win $3,835. Murphy also roped his second-round calf in slack and is looking good for a trip back here on Saturday night with a total time of 15.9 seconds on two runs. 

The D & B Arena was good to cowboys named Tanner. Tanner Milan from Cochrane, Alberta tied for first place in the steer wrestling with Chowchilla, California’s Stan Branco. Both men stopped the clock in 3.8 seconds to win $3,396 each. 

In the team roping it was Tanner Tomlinson from Angleton, Texas that got the win with Patrick Smith from Lipan, Texas. Tomlinson and Smith stopped the clock in 4.3 seconds to win $3,320 each. 

The barrel racing got very competitive with three-time world champion Hailey Kinsel from Cotulla, Texas earning the best check. Riding her great horse, DM Sissy Hayday, “Sister,” she stopped the clock in 17.27 seconds to earn almost $2,500. 

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Hali Williams had the fast time in the breakaway roping at 2.5 seconds to win $1,805. Williams, is the daughter of Speed Williams who competed here as a team roping header while he was winning his record of eight world championships. 

The first performance of the rodeo started at 8 p.m. Tuesday night, August 17. Regular rodeo competition continues through Friday, August 20. All of the contestants are hoping to be there on Saturday, August 21 when championships will be awarded.

CALDWELL, Idaho (August 18, 2022) — The following are results after slack at the 98th Caldwell Night Rodeo. 

Steer wrestling: 1, (tie) Tanner Milan, Cochrane, Alberta, and Stan Branco, Chowchilla, Calif., 3.8 seconds and $3,396 each. 3, John Henry Franzen, Riverton, Wyo., 4.1, $2,685. 4, (tie) Grady Payne, Stephenville, Texas, and Rowdy Parrott, Mamou, La., 4.2, $1,974. 6, (tie) Matt Watson, Springville, Utah and Tanner Brunner, Ramona, Kan., 4.3, $1,027. 8, Bridger Chambers, Stevensville, Mont., 4.4, $316. 

Team roping: 1, Tanner Tomlinson, Angleton, Texas, and Patrick Smith, Lipan, Texas, 4.3 seconds, $3,320. 2, Tyler Wade, Terrell, Texas, and Trey Yates, Pueblo, Colo., 4.6, $2,887. 3, Manny Egusquiza Jr., Stephenville, Texas, and Dalton Pearce, San Luis Obispo, Calif., 4.8, $2,454. 4, (tie) Kolton Schmidt, Barrhead, Alberta and Cole Davison, Stephenville, Texas; and Hagen Peterson, Delta, Utah and Dylin Ahlstrom, Genola, Utah, 4.9 and $1,804 each. 6, Nick Sartain, Bandera, Texas, and Austin Rogers, Crescent, Okla., 5.0, $1,155. 7, Quinn Kesler, Holden, Utah and Caleb Hendrix, Fallon, Nev., 5.1, $722. 8, Brenten Hall, Jay, Okla., and Chase Tryan, Helena, Mont., 5.2, $289. 

Tie down roping: 1, Riley Mason Webb, Denton, Texas, 7.5 seconds, $3,835. 2, Hunter herrin, Apache, Okla., 7.6, $3,334. 3, (tie) Macon Murphy, Keatchie, La., and Cory Solomon, Prairie View, Texas, 7.8 and $2,584 each. 5, Shad Mayfield, Clovis, N.M., 7.9, $1,834. 6, (tie) King Pickett, Stephenville, Texas, and Marty Yates, Stephenville, Texas, 8.2, $1,084. 8, (tie) John Douch, Huntsville, Texas, and Chet Whitz, London, Texas, 8.3, $167. 

Breakaway roping: 1, Hali Williams, Comanche, Texas, 2.5 seconds, $1,805. 2, (tie) Beau Peterson, Council Grove, Kan.; Shelby Logan, Marsing, Idaho; and Josie Conner, Iowa, La., 2.6, $1,339 each. 5, Cheyenne Britain, Stephenville, Texas,  2.8, $863.. 6, (tie) Brooke Winward, Grace, Idaho; Amanda Coleman, Stephenville, Texas; Jennifer Casey, Mesa, Wash.; Hope Thompson, Abilene, Texas and Shawnee Sherwood, San Tan Valley, Ariz.; 3.1 and $235 each. 

Barrel Racing: 1, Hailey Kinsel, Cotulla, Texas, 17.27, $2,479. 2, Margo Crowther, Fort Myers, Fla., 17.34, $2,125. 3, Cheyenne Wimberley, Stephenville, Texas, 17.35, $1,771. 4, Brittney Barnett, Stephenville, Texas, 17.39, $1,535. 5, Stevi Hillmman, Weatherford, Texas, 17.42, $1,181. 6, Megan McLeod-Sprague, Marsing, Idaho, 17.46, $945. 7, (tie) Shannon McReynolds, La Luz, N.M., 17.47, $590 eachc. 9, Darby Fox, King Hill, Idaho, 17.49, $354. 10, Ashley Castleberry, Montgomery, Texas, 17.51, $236.