Kassie Mowry Takes Over $15K From Rodeo Austin: Full 2024 Barrel Racing Results

What you need to know: results, payout, event information and more.
Kassie Mowry running home at the 2024 Rodeo Austin.
Kassie Mowry leads the average of the 2024 Rodeo Austin. | Image by RodeoBum Photography.

Rodeo Austin is underway in Texas as the winter ProRodeo circuit known as the “Texas Swing,” is going full throttle, and here’s what you’ve missed so far.

Kassie Mowry became the overall champion of Rodeo Austin on Mar. 23, defending her high callback aggregate position with a solid run in the finals. Here’s how it shook out over the course of the tournament.

2024 Rodeo Austin Barrel Racing Results

Round-by-Round Payout

First Round

 1. Jodee Miller, 15.32 seconds, $4,317; 2. Kassie Mowry, 15.35, $3,754; 3. Jessica Routier, 15.36, $3,191; 4. Wenda Johnson, 15.40, $2,628; 5. Taylor Carver, 15.41, $2,064; 6. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, 15.45, $1,501; 7. Ilyssa Riley, 15.47, $938; 8. Sadie Wolaver-Troyer, 15.49, $375

 Second round

 1. Kassie Mowry, 15.01 seconds, $4,317; 2. Wenda Johnson, 15.16, $3,754; 3. Tillar King, 15.27, $3,191; 4. Stevi Hillman, 15.34, $2,628; 5. Jessica Routier, 15.38, $2,064; 6. Sara Winkelman, 15.39, $1,501; 7. Stephanie Fryar, 15.41, $938; 8. (tie) Oceane Veilleux and Taylor Carver, 15.44, $188 each. 

Average leaders going into finals

1Kassie Mowry30.36/2
2Wenda Johnson30.56/2
3Jessica Routier30.74/2
4Taylor Carver30.85/2
5Stevi Hillman30.86/2
6Tillar King30.89/2
7Sadie Wolaver-Troyer30.96/2
8Jodee Miller30.97/2

Finals Round

1. Jodee Miller, 15.25 seconds, $2,000; 2. Sadie Wolaver-Troyer, 15.35, $1,500; 3. Kassie Mowry, 15.40, $1,000; 4. Jessica Routier, 15.45, $500


1. Kassie Mowry, 45.76 seconds on three head, $6,475; 2. Jessica Routier, 46.19, $5,630; 3. Jodee Miller, 46.22, $4,786; 4. Sadie Wolaver-Troyer, 46.31, $3,941; 5. Wenda Johnson, 50.95, $3,097; 6. Tillar King, 51.37, $2,252; 7. Stevi Hillman, 56.40, $1,408; 8. Taylor Carver, 56.52, $563.

March 9

1Taylor Carver15.41
2Leslie Smalygo15.69
3Sophie Nolen15.73
4Jordan Driver15.88
5Jimmie Smith16.22
6Natalie Hammond20.96
7Emma Charleston21.11
8Abby Phillips21.59

March 10

1Taylor Carver15.44
2Natalie Hammond15.78
3Abby Phillips20.55
4Jordan Driver20.82
5Emma Charleston20.98
6Sophie Nolen23.44
7Jimmie Smith25.75
Leslie SmalygoNo Time

March 11

1Kassie Mowry15.35
2Dona Kay Rule15.53
3Stephanie Fryar15.64
4Tiany Schuster15.74
5Ashley Castleberry15.86
6Kalli McCall16.15
7Tiffany Lujan20.51
8Oceane Veilleux20.58

March 12

1Kassie Mowry15.01
2Stephanie Fryar15.41
3Oceane Veilleux15.44
4Tiffany Lujan15.61
5Ashley Castleberry15.72
6Kalli McCall16.00
7Tiany Schuster22.39
8Dona Kay Rule25.32

March 13

1Sadie Wolaver-Troyer15.49
2Tillar King15.62
3Kara Kreder15.93
4Lindsey Muggli20.59
5Keyla Costa21.14
6Quincy Sullivan25.49
7Ari-Anna Flynn26.44

March 14

1Tillar King15.27
2Sadie Wolaver-Troyer15.47
3Keyla Costa15.56
4Ari-Anna Flynn20.43
5Lindsey Muggli20.64
6Quincy Sullivan20.83
7Kara Kreder22.71

March 15

1Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi15.45
2Carlee Otero15.51
3Rainey Skelton15.73
4Mindy Holloway16.01
5Hailey Kinsel16.06
6Natalie Bland20.58
7Dee Dee Jordan20.75
8Carley Cervi25.66

March 16

1Rainey Skelton15.50
2Natalie Bland15.58
3Carley Cervi15.67
4Mindy Holloway15.68
5Dee Dee Jordan20.73
6Hailey Kinsel20.92
7Carlee Otero25.61
8Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi26.36

March 17

1Jodee Miller15.32
2Ilyssa Riley15.47
3Acey Pinkston15.50
4Sherry Cervi15.61
5Emma Abbott15.90
6Katie Jo Halbert20.51
Jamie OlsenNo Time

March 18

1Jamie Olsen15.48
2Ilyssa Riley15.56
3Acey Pinkston15.61
4Jodee Miller15.65
5Emma Abbott15.89
Sherry Cervi20.68
Katie Jo Halbert25.67

March 19

1Jessica Routier15.36
2Wenda Johnson15.40
3Stevi Hillman15.52
4Shelley Morgan15.60
5Preslie Reid15.63
6Jackie Ganter15.68
7Ashley Rogers15.94
8Sissy Winn20.91
9Summer Kosel21.51

March 20

1Wenda Johnson15.16
2Stevi Hillman15.34
3Jessica Routier15.38
4Jackie Ganter15.48
5Preslie Reid15.49
6Shelley Morgan15.55
7Sissy Winn15.57
8Summer Kosel16.20

2024 Rodeo Austin Dates

March 8–23, 2024

Rodeo Austin Barrel Racing Champions

2023 Rodeo Austin Barrel Racing Champion: Amanda Welsh – 14.88
2022 Rodeo Austin Barrel Racing Champion: Destri Devenport – 15.31

Rodeo Austin Format

Athletes will have two rides and runs across all events to determine who advances to the Final performance on Saturday, March 23. There will be eight athletes in each event who advance to the Finals based on their aggregate score and time.

Rodeo Austin Payout

There is $50,000 in total added money in Rodeo Austin’s Women’s Professional Rodeo Association sanctioned barrel racing. Stay tuned for full payout information.

How to Watch 2024 Rodeo Austin

Rodeo Austin can be watched on The Cowboy Channel at 8 p.m. EST daily.

Who is Performing at 2024 Rodeo Austin?

  • March 9: William Clark Green
  • March 10: La Fiera de Ojinaga
  • March 11: Sawyer Brown
  • March 12: Gary Allan
  • March 13: Ashley McBryde
  • March 14: Lukas Nelson
  • March 15: William Beckmann
  • March 16: Jamey Johnson
  • March 17: Los Huracanes Del Norte
  • March 18: Tracy Byrd
  • March 19: Wynonna Judd
  • March 20: 38 Special
  • March 21: Jake Owen
  • March 22: Flatland Cavalry
  • March 23: Aaron Watson

Rodeo Austin live music schedule, information and tickets.