Round Two is Complete at IFYR 2023

Keep up with 2023 IFYR barrel racing and pole bending results here.
Kacey Bass accepts IFYR champion saddle
2022 IFYR All-Around champion cowgirl Kacey Bass. Jennings Photography courtesy IFYR.

The 2023 edition of the International Finals Youth Rodeo is happening in Shawnee, Oklahoma, July 9-14, and here’s what’s going down in the IFYR barrel racing and pole bending results.

Barrel Racing Results: Round One

In barrel racing, reigning IFYR all-around champion cowgirl Kacey Bass turned in an impressive 15.414 to take the round win and earn $2,577.31 on “Woody.”

1.Kacey Bass15.414$2,577.31 
2.Lindsey-Kay Reichert15.548$2,241.14 
3.Whitley Flynn15.576$1,904.97 
4.Emily Askew15.605$1,568.80 
5.McKynlie Bowers15.627$1,232.63 
6.Chloe Hellams15.686$896.46 
7.Braylee Ward15.697$560.29 
8.Hazlee McKenzie15.702$224.11 
9.Addison Gregg15.735
10.Bayler Smith15.758
11.Emily Brown15.839
12.Camree Slavin15.848
13.Raegan Chance15.853
14.Payton Askins15.882
15.Addison Pecha15.913

IFYR Barrel Racing Results: Round 2

After two performances

1Patton Ann Lynch15.029
2Alissa Flores15.218
3Emily Askew15.289
4Roxy Waring15.301
5Merrin Frost15.339
6Jenna Necaise15.44
7McKenna Rogers15.529
8Camree Slavin15.533
9Kyan Frost15.541
10Ceily Simpton15.561
11Taybri Tucker15.601
12Zoey Carpenter15.612
13Killey Hargrave-Batten15.621
14Samantha Andrews15.651
15Chainey Weitz15.695

Pole Bending Results: Round One

Colorado native Cassidy Evans is a well-known force in the youth ranks. She’s an all-around force and her gelding, Hot Shot loves running poles. They earned first-place honors in round one with a 21.378 and earned $1,456.89.

1Cassidy Evans21.378$1,456.89 
2/3.Taylor Davis21.399$1,171.84 
2/3.Camree Slavin21.399$1,171.84 
4Paislee Fugate21.427$886.80 
5Brooke Crenshaw21.472$696.77 
6Sadie Mendenhall21.693$506.74 
7Madison Scott21.737$316.71 
8Saige Leven21.822$126.69 
9Biloxi Shultz22.043
10Kenna McLemore22.098
11Laurel Allred22.098
12Harley Potter22.127
13Styles Smith22.153
14Hinsli Dease22.266
15Addi Hunter22.28

For full results, click here.

IFYR Pole Bending Results: Round Two

1Taylor Davis19.933$1,456.89 
2Harley Potter20.281$1,266.86 
3Auburn Royals20.403$1,076.83 
4Cassidy Evans20.415$886.80 
5Kaden Burger20.544$696.77 
6Brooke Crenshaw20.607$506.74 
7Rachel Kittle20.731$316.71 
8Dannie Hall20.797$126.69 
9Gracie Snyder20.865
10Raegan Chance20.945
11Emma Ivie21.064
12Camree Slavin21.075
13Kassidy Howard21.192
14Kathryn Smith21.195
15Saige Leven21.248

IFYR Scoop

Schedule: The IFYR features 11 performances, with competition beginning on July 9 and concluding on July 14 There will be two performances a day with all disciplines, 9 a.m., and 7:30 p.m CST.

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