2022 NFR Barrel Racing Payout Breakdown

Jordon Briggs leads the 2022 WPRA world standings by over $50,000 going into Las Vegas, but with an increased NFR payout, it's looking like any barrel racer's game.
Jordon Briggs barrel racing NFR
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That’s the amount of money separating No. 1 barrel racer, Jordon Briggs, from No. 15 barrel racer, Leslie Smalygo going into the 2022 National Finals Rodeo.

That’s a lot of money, right?

Yes, but the NFR increased payout to a record $1.2 Million per event in 2022, so it’s any barrel racer’s game on December 1-10 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 2021, Jordon Briggs captured the NFR aggregate championship, which was worth $69,234.17. In 2022, the aggregate win will now be worth $74,149.92.

Jordon Briggs earns 2021 barrel racing world championship at NFR.
Jordon Briggs is the 2021 Women’s Professional Rodeo Association World Champion.

Each round will now pay $28,913.70, a substantial increase from the $26,996.97 paid per round in 2021.

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  • If a barrel racer had a perfect NFR (winning all 10 rounds and the aggregate) they could earn up to $363,286.92.
  • The most money ever collected by a barrel racer during the NFR is $270,615. That record was set in 2020 by Hailey Kinsel in Arlington, Texas.
  • The 2021 NFR saw Jordon Briggs show out and earn $194,842 after entering Las Vegas over $10,000 behind frontrunner Kinsel.
hailey kinsel NFR barrel racing
Hailey Kinsel dominated the 2020 NFR barrel racing. PRCA photo by Roseanna Sales.

2022 NFR Barrel Racing Payout

Each of the 10 Full Go-Rounds: $93,270 each 

1ST $28,913.70

2ND $22,851.15

3RD $17,254.95

4TH $12,125.10

5TH $7,461.60

6TH $4,663.50


Average Payout: $279,811 each 

1ST   $74,149.92

2ND   $60,159.36

3RD   $47,567.87

4TH   $34,976.38

5TH   $25,182.99

6TH   $18,187.71

7TH   $12,591.50 

8TH   $6,995.27 

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What do all the numbers mean? It means that, although Briggs has a $50,338 lead over No. 2 barrel racer, Dona Kay Rule, she will have to play offense to defend their position and world championship. The chips will be down in Las Vegas, and it’s anybody’s game.

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