How to Build a SmartPak for a Barrel Horse

SmartPak's supplement selection is huge—but their supplement quiz makes selecting the right ones simple.
horse trotting in pasture

SmartPak boasts a wide array of supplements that help horses ranging from top barrel horse to retired playday pony.

Their prepackaged, individual servings of supplements revolutionized the game in supplement feeding—especially in boarding barn scenarios. But with the selection of supplements available on SmartPak, the choices can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, SmartPak has built a quiz to help owners select the supplements that best fit their horse.

Take the SmartPak supplement quiz here.

Smartpak supplement quiz results
The supplement quiz provides each horse with supplement recommendations and includes adjustments for budget.

There are three main topics a horse owner will need to be prepared to answer on the SmartPak quiz:

General information about horse

Every horse is an individual, so SmartPak’s system needs to know what stage of life they’re in and what a day in their life looks like.

The questions will start with age, gender, breed and weight followed by their stall time vs pasture time. Details on their forage intake, turnout and workload will help the system identify potential stress in the horse, too.

Details about joints, muscles and hooves

SmartPak’s supplements can help a spry, hot, futurity barrel horse and a 15-year-old gelding that’s made 1,000 runs. But a younger horse may not need the care and attention to joints an older horse will.

The next section of the SmartPak quiz includes questions about:

smartpak supplement quiz questions
The quiz is in-depth-yet-simple to answer.
  • Stiffness
  • Joint or tendon concerns
  • Hoof quality
  • Hoof growth
  • Laminitic concerns
  • Muscling in the topline
  • Overly sore muscles after work
  • equine metabolic or insulin disease
  • hard keeper?

Even though a lot of information is required, the quiz has easy yes/no buttons, drop down lists and check boxes to make things simple. In case there are questions while taking the quiz or reviewing results, there is live website chat available throughout the workday.

Details about their gut health and immune system

SmartPak's three supplement package options
SmartPak’s three supplement package options for Ryder.

The final section of questions includes gut health, allergies and the immune system. Be prepared to answer questions about their stool, previous colic and history with ulcers.

What are ulcers anyway? Read about the basic signs of ulcers and what can be done to manage them.

Finally, information on their skin, alleriges and bug bites rounds out the quiz.

Then, owners will be presented with three supplement packages at different price points tailored to a horse’s needs.