What do Highpoint’s Barrel and Show Horses Have in Common?

Look good, feel good, do good, right?
Highpoint Performance horses in various disciplines
Highpoint Performance Horses excel in multiple disciplines across the Western industry. Images courtesy Highpoint.

The crew at Highpoint Performance Horses know how to keep their stallions, barrel racing, performance and halter horses looking and feeling their best all year long, something important in all disciplines the Highpoint horses compete in.

Barrel horses aren’t always known for having good expressions on their faces. But Charlie Cole and Jason Martin, whose Highpoint Performance Horses stands the most breathtaking array of barrel racing stallions in the country, need to see good expressions on everything.

Of course, they make sure the studs – including actual NFR horses like Slick By Design (with Michele McLeod) and Christian Shipley’s Smoken French Winner (with Wenda Johnson) – are fed right. But Cole also made a great point recently while discussing the supplement needs of performance horses. Highpoint has to be even more careful than the average barrel racer about gut health, simply because at shows, appearance is part of every score.

Wenda Johnson and Smoken French Winner
Wenda Johnson and Smoken French Winner, who stands at HighPoint. Mickey Owens Photography.

“We have a halter horse that is also one of the top Western Riding and All-Around horses in the country and is getting about 9 years old now,” Cole said. “With what we do at shows, we’re striving to keep every ounce of weight on a horse that we can while making sure its performance will be optimal.”

There’s no doubt that a full, strong horse is an asset to a rodeo barrel racer. But for halter horses, it’s absolutely everything.

“For us at a show, what we do is down to every little flick of the ear or the tail,” Cole pointed out. “It’s super important that a horse is focused and comfortable in the stomach; not irritable nor swishing its tail. I want the horse as comfortable as it can be. Barrel horses are different. They can make a little mistake and might lose a little time. But every single move our horse makes affects a judge’s opinion. So, we need to have everything possible in place. For me, it’s all about good expression. If a horse isn’t feeling good, it won’t have a good expression. I want my horses to look happy and like they enjoy their job.”

If barrel racers want that same comfortable, happy expression, they could take a page from Cole’s book.

“I think it’s vital that our gelding’s gut health is on track, so that we can keep weight on him through the hot summer and those six to eight classes at a time that he competes in at the top level,” he said. 

And, while Cole also believes good alfalfa helps gut health, his best bet for great equine health – and a good expression – seems to be staying hooked with the supplements.  

“I think being consistent in your feeding program is huge,” he said. “Making sure a horse gets his supplements every day. Whether a horse is on the road or at home – we keep it the very same. The more consistent we can be, the better our good horse does as far as weight and condition.”

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