Who’s Their Daddy? Meet the 12 Horses Competing in Cheyenne’s Final Round

See which horses survived the Cheyenne Frontier Days tournament to compete in the barrel racing on championship Sunday.
Leslie Smalygo barrel racing at Cheyenne.
Leslie Smalygo and Justaheartbeattafame "Gus," got the win in Semifinals two. Click Thompson Photography.

The field of over 200 hopeful barrel racers at the Cheyenne Frontier Days is down to just 12 that are competing in the finals on Sunday, July 30, 2023, and here’s the pedigrees of the barrel horses that made it through.

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Here’s the 12 barrel horses and their pedigrees that survived three rounds of competition to compete on championship Sunday with their jockeys, in Sunday’s running order.

1. Sue Smith and Dashs Centerfold “Centerfold”

Dashs Centerfold pedigree

2. Lacinda Rose and RR Meradas Real Deal “Real Deal”

3. Taycie Matthews and Fame Fire Rocks “PopRocks”

fame fire rocks pedigree

4. Wenda Johnson and Steal Money “Mo”

5. Sharon Harrell and Bug Jet Can Dance

NAME AND PAPERS COMING SOON. We do know it’s a 17-year-old bay gelding she raised, trained and has been running for multiple years.

6. Tara Seaton and Zoomin HiHand, “Wag RezRocket”

7. Leslie Smalygo and JustAHeartBeatToFame “Gus”

8. Summer Kosel and Firewaterfrenchfame “Apollo”

9. Kassie Mowry and Famous Ladies Man, “Emmitt”

10. Tarryn Lee and SadiesAce InThe Hole “Ace”

11. Michelle Merrick and Optix “Tres”

12. Shyann Lucas and The Final Judgement “Hammer”