The American Semifinals Cheat Sheet: Barrel Racing Performance 2

Here is what you need to know about the 11 barrel racers and horses competing in the second performance of The American Semifinals on Wednesday, March 2 at 7:00 p.m. CST

In the first performance of The American Semifinals, Laura Mote stopped the clock with a 13.577-second run to seat herself in the No. 1 position and Kassie Mowry was right behind her with a 13.595-second run.  

Tonight, the attention will be on the mother and daughter duo of Rita Cheeney and 17-year-old Wylee Mitchell. Pay close attention to the pedigrees on their equine counterparts, because the cowgirls aren’t the only ones related in their trailer.  

There will be eight other cowgirls, and one cowboy in the field looking to challenge Mote and Mowry and earn their position amongst the top 10 qualifiers who will compete against the 10 professional invitees in the contender round on Friday, March 4.  

*Denotes buyback round qualifier 

#1. Marne Loosenort  

Qualifying Time: 13.743 

Hometown: Hazel, Kentucky 

Horse: Lovin Fame 

#2. *McKenna Coronado  

Qualifying Time: 13.558 

Hometown: Kanarraville, Utah  

Horse: Duallys Real Dream 

#3. Bryanna Lehrmann 

Qualifying Time: 13.533 

Hometown: Lexington, Texas 

Horse: VF Wishbone Red 

#4. Fonda Melby 

Qualifying Time: 13.696 

Hometown: Backus, Minnesota 

Horse: RF Back For The Cash 

#5. Taryn Boxleitner 

Qualifying Time: 13.842 

Hometown: Loveland, Colorado 

Horse: Dash Ta Fame Bardell 

#6. Halyn Lide 

Qualifying Time: 13.704 

Hometown: China Springs, Texas 

Horse: Jettin Ta Heaven 

#7. Kristin Hanchey 

Qualifying Time: 13.758 

Hometown: Okeechobee, Florida 

Horse: Smooth Way Ta Heaven 

#8. Lakken Bice 

Qualifying Time: 13.847 

Hometown: Kildeer, North Dakota 

Horse: Nocrimetable Unleashed 

#9. Wylee Mitchell 

Qualifying Time: 13.736 

Hometown: Pioche, Nevada 

Horse: Smokey Gold Jack 

#10. Cody Ward 

Qualifying Time: 13.828 

Hometown: McAlester, Oklahoma 

Horse: DS Toastin Dash 

#11. Rita Cheeney 

Qualifying Time: 13.701 

Hometown: Pioche, Nevada 

Horse: Smokin Gold Too