Wrangler National Finals Rodeo Cheat Sheet: Round No. 6 Recap

11x Women’s Professional Rodeo Association World Champion Barrel Racer Charmayne James breaks down round 6 and what to look for in round 7.
Hailey Kinsel and Sister winning second in round 6.

World Standings Leader Hailey Kinsel

Round 6: 13.55

Round Winnings: $21,336.32

Total NFR Earnings: $73,138.09

World Standings Earnings: $186,666.68

Average: 3

World Standings: 1

Charmayne’s take: Hailey and Sister made another excellent run in round 6. The world title is still hers to win, and she looks solid, she’s third in the average, which is great. Hailey’s timing of when to pick up is really good and she stays inside the tracks and doesn’t seem to me to get hung up in the ruts around the barrels. I won a lot of world championships exactly how Hailey’s got things going right now.

No. 2 Jordon Briggs

Round 6: 13.53

Round Winnings: $6,966.96

Total NFR Earnings: $48,753.72

World Standings Earnings: $151,371.92

Average: 1

World Standings: 2

Charmayne’s take: Jordon and Rollo made another super solid run. She’s laying down the same kind of run every night, which explains why she moved to the top of the average. It looked like she made a bit change from the hackamore to her Kerry Kelley Hemi bridle and I think she gained a little control as a result and Rollo was snappier.

Jordon Briggs and Rollo took fifth in round 6.

No. 3 Dona Kay Rule

Round 6: 13.87

Round Winnings: —

Total NFR Earnings: $62,252.20

World Standings Earnings: $147,242.16

Average: 13

World Standings: 3

Charmayne’s take: Valor went high at the first barrel and stalled out a little there, but these two still clocked and can’t be counted out in the next round where they’ll be a little higher up in the draw tonight.

No. 4 Emily Miller-Beisel

Round 6: 13.58

Round Winnings: $11,321.31

Total NFR Earnings: $70,960.90

World Standings Earnings: $144,434.04

Average: 4

World Standings: 4

Charmayne’s take: Emily and Chongo were last out and made a great run to win fourth in round 6. She’s got great hands and Chongo is really running hard and working. They’re dialed in as a team and it’s super impressive. This ground will let you win at the bottom of it and Emily proved that last night.

Emily Beisel and Chongo won fourth in round 6.

No. 5 Shelley Morgan

Round 6: 13.56

Round Winnings: $16,111.10

Total NFR Earnings: $42,222.20

World Standings Earnings: $136,451.53

Average: 7/8

World Standings: 5

Charmayne’s take: Shelley and Kiss got in and out of the turns in round 6 to place third for a nice check. They’re picking up the pace and it looked like their turns were sharper and more collected.

Shelley Morgan and Kiss were third in round 6.

No. 6 Amanda Welsh

Round 6: 13.80 plus 5

Round Winnings: 

Total NFR Earnings: $55,502.96

World Standings Earnings: $132,422.44

Average: 7/8

World Standings: 6

Charmayne’s take: I hated to see Amanda hit a barrel last night. She just got past it a tick and hit it leaving it. I think what people at home should understand is that you’re watching the top 1 percent of speed in the industry and the timing of how fast things happen at the NFR is tricky. Not only that, but if you don’t send your horse in there fast, you’re not going to win. Amanda knows her horse better than anyone and she’ll adjust. She is still a good bet for money tonight and in the remaining rounds.   

No. 7 Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi

Round 6: 14.31

Round Winnings: 

Total NFR Earnings: $54,414.38

World Standings Earnings: $128,200.08

Average: 2

World Standings: 7

Charmayne’s take: Brittany got on Birdie likely because she was running at the bottom of the ground. She turned a great first barrel and held her off to stay strong in the average. If she stays on Birdie again tonight, she’ll probably smooth things out and make another penalty-free run.

No. 8 Wenda Johnson

Round 6: 13.64 plus 10

Round Winnings: 

Total NFR Earnings: $59,639.59

World Standings Earnings: $127,024.15

Average: 15

World Standings: 8

Charmayne’s take: Wenda got by first and was trying not to hit it leaving it, which got her out of position for second and she caught second, but Moe was still incredibly fast. Wenda’s got four more chances at round money so I’m sure she’ll figure out a way to get some more of it, she’s got the horsepower.  

No. 9 Ivy Saebens

Round 6: 13.43

Round Winnings: $26,996.97

Total NFR Earnings: $53,108.07

World Standings Earnings: $123,914.15

Average: 14

World Standings: 9

Charmayne’s take: Ivy and J-Lo made a fast, solid run to win round 6 and it’s fun to see that after she caught the second leaving it in round 5 to place high. Tonight, she’ll be on the bottom of the ground, but you can’t go in there being worried about that, and I know Ivy’s going to go for it no matter what.

Round 6 winners Ivy Seabens and J-Lo.

No. 10 Stevi Hillman

Round 6: 13.51 plus 5

Round Winnings: 

Total NFR Earnings: $52,672.63

World Standings Earnings: $123,851.12

Average: 5

World Standings: 10

Charmayne’s take: Unfortunately, Stevi hit the second barrel which cost her placing, but look how her horse is clocking. What I thought was interesting is that Lemon Drop kind of pivoted back and really tried hard at the second barrel, so it was sad she hit it, she was just really trying.

No. 11 Cheyenne Wimberley

Round 6: 13.92

Round Winnings: 

Total NFR Earnings: $34,166.64

World Standings Earnings: $111,298.94

Average: 6

World Standings: 11

Charmayne’s take: Cheyenne’s timing was great at first and second and then she had a stumble at the third barrel that cost her. I’m not sure if the ground got her or what exactly caused that, but I do know Cheyenne is awesome at fixing things and she’s always a threat in the rounds on any horse she’s riding.

No. 12 Lisa Lockhart

Round 6: 13.70

Round Winnings: $4,354.35

Total NFR Earnings: $35,690.67

World Standings Earnings: $100,734.38

Average: 10

World Standings: 12

Charmayne’s take: Lisa and Cutter were wide off third but got a good check nonetheless in another wolfy round. She’s caught between bringing him through the turn and letting him go so he keeps running, but it worked last night. He’s clocking so she’s definitely making it work.

Lisa Lockhart and Cutter won the last hole in round 6.

No. 13 Jessica Routier

Round 6: 13.99 plus 5

Round Winnings: 

Total NFR Earnings: $10,000

World Standings Earnings: $88,847.28

Average: 11

World Standings: 13

Charmayne’s take: Jessica and Missy aren’t having the Finals they’re used to having, but I hope she stays after it and gets the most out of the next four rounds. Last night she got by first and tipped third, which is where her horse had slipped the night before. There are so many factors at play at the NFR and I hope to see her come back in and place.

No. 14 Nellie Miller

Round 6: 13.78

Round Winnings: 

Total NFR Earnings: $10,000  

World Standings Earnings: $85,519.15

Average: 9

World Standings: 14

Charmayne’s take: Nellie and Sister’s run looked great and a 13.7 is nothing to sneeze at so I hope she clocks a little better to get some money tonight because they look great.

No. 15 Molly Otto

Round 6: 14.02

Round Winnings: 

Total NFR Earnings: $10,000

World Standings Earnings: $74,172.51

Average: 12

World Standings: 15

Charmayne’s take: Molly was back on her horse Chewy last night and just took a couple extra steps that caused her to clock longer than what she needed to be to place. Her horse has the speed, but the rounds are so tough she just needs to tighten down a little and she’ll be in there.