The American Semifinals Cheat Sheet: Barrel Racing Performance 3

See who is making it back so far in The American Semifinals barrel racing and learn about the competitors looking to make their move in the third performance on Thursday, March 3 at 7:00 p.m CST.

Barrels were rolling in the second performance of The American Semifinals, as only five athletes stayed penalty free in the field of 11. Rita Cheeney nearly matched her 13.701-second qualifying run with a 13.700, earning her top honors of the night. Close behind Cheeney was Marne Loosenort with a 13.737. Cheeney’s daughter, 17-year-old Wylee Mitchell, was tight on their heels with a 13.769. 

Of the 34 competitors who qualified to the performances, only 10 will have the chance to compete against the pro field on Friday, March 4 in the contender round. Here is the unofficial top 10 after the second performance.

  1. Laura Mote 13.577 
  1. Kassie Mowry 13.595 
  1. Sarah Rose Waguespack 13.660 
  1. Rita Cheeney 13.700 
  1. Marne Loosenort 13.737 
  1. Wylee Mitchell 13.769 
  1. Charlie Johnson 13.779 
  1. Tasha Welsh 13.792 
  1. London Gorham 13.826 
  1. Halyn Lide 13.904

In the third performance, the oldest and youngest horses of the semifinals will be competing. Brittany Dallaire’s 4-year-old Heavenly Harvey will go up against Jimmy Bryant’s 18-year-old Little Bit of Cowboy and the rest of the field. Dallaire turned in the fastest time of the qualifying round with a 13.464, but Bryant has the veteran’s advantage, as he has qualified and competed at The American rodeo before.

These are the 11 horse and rider combinations who will be competing in the third performance.

* Denotes buyback round qualifier 

#1. *Ryann Pedone 

Qualifying Time: 13.573 

Hometown: Sunset, Texas 

Horse: JS Milo and Stitch 

#2. Michele Pankiw   

Qualifying Time: 13.705 

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada  

Horse: Miracle Candy Girl 

#3. Brittany Dallaire  

Qualifying Time: 13.464 

Hometown: Morriston, Florida 

Horse: Heavenly Harvey 

#4. Tandy Meyers 

Qualifying Time: 13.765 

Hometown: Sallisaw, Oklahoma 

Horse: Streakin Dusty Light 

#5. Megan Swint 

Qualifying Time: 13.849 

Hometown: Dunnellon, Florida 

Horse: Bells Lil Bro 

#6. Oceane Veilleux

Qualifying Time: 13.809

Hometown: St-Alfred, Quebec, Canada 

Horse: Heavens Guy 

#7. Janna Brown 

Qualifying Time: 13.692 

Hometown: Mt Pleasant, Texas  

Horse: Jets Top Gun 

#8. Balyeigh Choate 

Qualifying Time: 13.764 

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas 

Horse: TJR Stinson Blue 

#9. Jimmy Bryant 

Qualifying Time: 13.707 

Hometown: Columbus, Indiana 

Horse: Little Bit Of Cowboy 

#10. Summer Shafer 

Qualifying Time: 13.861 

Hometown: Ironton, Ohio 

Horse: Barvatos 

#11. Kellie Collier 

Qualifying Time: 13.788 

Hometown: Hereford, Texas 

Horse: Positively Streakin