4 Things We ❤️ About Lisa Lockhart

$3 million earning barrel racer Lisa Lockhart is gearing up for her 16th NFR—here's the traits that make her excpeptional outside of the barrel racing arena.
Lisa Lockhart barrel racing
Lisa Lockhart and Rosa at Greeley Stampede 2022.

Lisa Lockhart is set to run down the alleyway at her 16th consecutive National Finals Rodeo, has jockeyed one of the most iconic barrel horses in history throughout his entire career and has earned over $3 million turning a cloverleaf pattern, but that isn’t what makes Lisa, Lisa.

Here are four things that make Lockhart one of the most beloved and iconic barrel racers of modern barrel racing.

1. Her horses are always No. 1.

In the past, fans loved catching Lockhart relaxing with horses like An Oakie With Cash, “Louie,” and Rosas Cantina CC “Rosa,” at rodeos. Their bond has been awe-inspiring for fans.

But in 2022, Although Lockhart’s dedication to her horses looked like the extra care that Lockhart took to bond with a 5-year-old gelding as he was thrust headforce into the ProRodeo world.

Promise Me Fame Guys, or “Levee,” stepped up to bat after Rosa sustainted an injury during a critical time in the summer run. Green horses just don’t come on that strong on their own. They need a consistent, caring hard at the wheel on the harsh rodeo trail. Lockhart provided just that for Levee in 2022.

We caught her sneaking him bottles of water at places like Cheyenne Frontier Days before the short round, and Stephenville, Texas, just before she clinched her NFR qualification. Which leads us to No. 2.

2. She’s as Gritty as it Gets

A ride across states in a sketchy airplane, thousands of miles driven and a ton of Redbull chugged earned Lockhart nearly $7,000 for her checks pulled at all five rodeos she attended and jumped her up the standings from No. 16 to 14, despite cowgirls both above and below her doing their best to keep Lockhart out of NFR qualifying territory. Her steely nerves and ability to compete whilst fighting off pure exhaustion from the rodeo trail wowed fans during the final days of September.


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♬ Unstoppable (I put my armor on, show you how strong I am) – Sia

3. She’s #MomGoals.

At 57 years old, Lockhart looks to be at the peak of health and athleticism. Check out this video from the 2022 NFR Back Number Ceremony, where Lockhart absolutely stole the show with a classy outfit and a huge smile.

4. She Stays Both Humble and Grateful

“My story is one of gratitude, of being thankful I get to do this,” Lockhart said after the close of the ProRodeo season in 2022. “This is all very glamorized and most people don’t know how hard it is out here. We do it because it’s something we love to do, not because it’s profitable. I guess what I’m trying to say is that we’re all in this together. I feel for the girls who were on the other side of this year. It shouldn’t come down to the buzzer beater, but more often than not it does. It makes the victories that much sweeter and the losses that much harder.”

Lisa Lockhart: “My Story is One of Gratitude

Lockhart just gets it. From her days as a teacher, when she only hit a set number of rodeos she pre-determined at the beginning of the year, to transitioning to life as a full-time professional barrel racer, Lockhart has never been scared to be herself. She goes in-depth on her story—both personal and professional— on this episode of The Money Barrel Podcast.